Book review: How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Book review: How to Sell Anything to Anybody

I recently read this book that was written by Joe Girard(i). Together with my team, we decided that everybody will write a short review for each book we read, as part of our personal improvement program. So here is mine. This is actually my first book review ever.

First of all, I’m not a salesman and I don’t think I’ll become one anytime soon. I forgot who recommended this book to me, but most likely it was mentioned at one of the sales seminars I participated.

The author had a tough life in his first 35 years of life, but that actually turned out helping him to switch and become one of the best car salesmen, more specifically he sold a bunch of Chevrolet cars and trucks.

While reading his book, I had the feeling that most things mentioned were actually common sense and obvious things you might want to adopt, but for some reason, most of the salesmen are not leveraging those. He promotes the idea of a salesman as an actor, who is playing in a perfect setup scene, prepared carefully for each potential client. I think the most powerful techniques he mentioned are collecting as many data as possible about the client upfront, be like the client and show gratitude, no matter what. Even if not explicitly pointed out, the author presents most of the NLP Rapport Techniques being efficient to make sure the potential client feels comfortable and understood, that finally leads to trusting you.

I was especially impressed about the unsurprising fact, that each person has in average 250 people, that might be influenced by. Followed up by the “bird-dog system”, a referral system, in which a client will receive about $20 for each transaction Joe closes with somebody that was directly referenced by the client. Thus, facilitating a network where the “word of mouth” is at its full potential. Now it’s clear why he insists that it’s crucial to follow up and keep in touch with the client, after the transaction.

In his book, I found a bunch of hands-on, old but still actual, techniques that could really make the difference. I’m still positive, maybe naive, thinking that anybody with enough motivation and a little bit of charisma can be a successful salesman or saleswoman. I’m dedicating this post to my brother, showing my support. I really believe he has the guts to become a great salesman.

Here is an interesting article about Joe Girard.